ZestyNest's Answer to the Mundane Tea Kettle

A kitchenware startup revolts against the kitchen goods market with its latest release of their teakettle.

BURBANK, Calif. - March 25, 2016 - ZestyNest (web:, a leading provider of exquisite kitchen accessories and home goods, recently released their stainless steel tea kettle which has their competitors standing at attention.

In kitchens across America, the look of kitchens have transformed throughout the years; however, the generic looking tea kettles have remained stagnant – the look and feel of tea kettles has been largely unchanged since the 1960s.

ZestyNest is proud to offer a whistling tea kettle that stands apart from  generic-looking, mundane kettles. The unique stainless steel, diamond-faceted body shines in any kitchen while the reddish-pink, rubber-padded handle assures that handling our unique  tea kettle remains safe and easy.

“When designing our stainless tea kettle, we wanted to ensure that we create a one, which is not only a decorative piece in your kitchen, but can still perform as well as the best tea kettles on the market. We believe our tea kettle delivers on both fronts. Our tea kettle stands out in any storefront; and boils water faster than the average tea kettle and maintains heat for longer periods of time. The reception we have received from customers is evidence that the market was overdue for a change.”

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Product Description
This stunning stainless steel tea kettle will not only compliment your kitchen decor in the most alluring ways, but it promises years of beautiful functionality.

 Every aspect of this diamond-faceted kettle is meant for ease of use and long-lasting performance.

  • Its unique diamond-faceted body works with modern, contemporary and whimsical kitchen designs.
  • Made from high-grade stainless steel, the entire body works to heat the contents within, cutting heating time.
  • The padded, rubberized handle, in bright, fun fuchsia pink is heat resistant for safe handling.
  • Can be used on gas, electric and induction stove tops.


About ZestyNest
ZestyNest is a leading provider of home and kitchen goods. They pride their success on offering exquisite products coupled with world-class customer service. They quickly built a loyal following by disrupting the kitchenware market.