Essentials for a Well-Equipped Kitchen

Whether your a newbie hoping to outfit your very first grown-up kitchen, or a homemaker well-versed in the nuances of meal making, ensuring you have all you need to prep, cook and clean can seem like an expensive endeavor. But honestly, if you avoid getting caught up in the need for the newest doohickey or the most awesome whatchamacallit, you can actually equip your kitchen with basic staples and kitchen goods at a cost that won't break your budget. In order to create a kitchen that is both functional and well-organized, make sure to include the following:

  • A good base of pots and pans. Starting out and even cooking for a small family, you'll only need a few pieces of cooking hardware. A couple of different sized saucepans, a large skillet and a dutch oven. 
  • A crock pot. Don't dismiss the joys of slow-cooking. It can make your meal prep a breeze. 
  • A high-quality chef's knife. A good chef's knife can perform the cutting, slicing and chopping needs of a dozen different knives. Stick with one that has a great handle and a quality blade. Hint: our titanium-coated chef's knife makes a great house-warming gift.
  • Dishes and flatware. Opt for affordable dish sets from discount stores as it's likely that you'll replace your first set within just a couple of years. Be choosier with your flatware as it is more likely to last if you choose the right set. 
  • A bamboo cutting board. You are going to need a cutting board to avoid chopping on your countertops (a big kitchen no-no); might as well make it a quality one made of bacteria-resistant bamboo. 
  • Sheets and baking pans. Make sure you have the basics of what you need for baking too.
  • Utensils. You'll need just a couple of different-sized spatulas, serving spoons and ladles to properly serve meals. Again, think quality here, and they'll last for years.
  • A magnetic stainless steel knife holder. Though not a necessity, a magnetic knife holder adds to your kitchen by keeping knives safely in place and within arms reach. Lengthen the life of your favorite knives by keeping them out of the drawer where they scrape up against other knives and utensils.