What to Look for in a Chef's Knife

If you're into cooking and baking as much as we are, you have probably felt the draw on more than one occasion to yet another gleaming, keen kitchen knife. You may have even watched midnight infomercials with building fascination while the newest, most innovative blade made easy work of everything from soda cans to galvanized pipes and of course, tomatoes and celery. 

But how do you know if that advertised blade is worth that special "limited time" pricing? The fact is, those knives are those that are more likely to be the ones at the back at the drawer after they've once again disappointed. So, how does a budding home chef choose a knife that exceeds expectations, but doesn't slice through the greens in his wallet as easily as those on the chopping block? Here's what to look for in a professional chef's knife:

Blade material: Stainless steel promises long-term use as it won't rust or tarnish. Though hand-washing is recommended, stainless steel blades are safe to put in the dishwasher if they don't come into contact with other sharp or hard items.

 Blade length and shape: This element often comes down to personal choice and preferred tasks, but you most want to look for a blade about eight to 10 inches long with no serration. The bigger concern is how comfortable it feels in your hand when chopping, slicing and dicing. 

Handle material: If you plan to put your stainless steel knife in the dishwasher, opt for a knife with a plastic handle. Wooden handles tend to rot and deteriorate after just a few washes; making using the knife uncomfortable. And comfort is key here. You should have a comfortable yet solid grip on your knife that doesn't fatigue your arm and wrist when using. 

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