Best Places to Hang Your Magnetic Knife Holder

Being the highly versatile kitchen accessory that it is, a magnetic knife holder can make organization and cleaning quick and simple. But one of the most frequently asked questions we get about our stainless steel knife holders is, funny enough, 'Where do I hang it?'

So, here are just a few suggestions that we have of where to hang your knife rack for convenience and ease-of-use. 

  1. Above the stove - That unused space makes for a comfy spot for your new knife holder without it getting in the way of other accessories. 
  2. Above the sink - Making storage super simple after cleaning, a knife rack makes storage safe and convenient when it's within your reach but out of that of your children's. 
  3. Underneath the cabinets - A super creative way of hanging your stainless steel magnetic knife holder would be by installing it on the underside of your upper cabinets. This is especially handy if you don't enjoy the look and want to stow away clutter. Just face the blades away from you for safe access. 
  4. Inside a cabinet or pantry door - Mounting it inside a cabinet door keeps knives hidden and out of the way, yet easily accessible; freeing up room in the utensil drawers for other kitchen goods.
  5. On the backsplash or other unused wall space - Most people choose to keep their stainless steel knife holder right out front, in the space where they use their knives the most. Sides of cabinets and areas in shelving and racks are also spaces where knife racks can easily be installed.