Alternative Uses for Your Artificial Grass Mat

Those in water-thirsty states like Nevada and California don't have to be told of the far-reaching applications of artificial grass. They've taken the use of fake greenery to the extreme with there being few areas that aren't installing the eco-friendly turf on a wide spread basis. And though we are completely on board with the versatility of artificial grass mats, we believe that the rest of the country could stand to be brought up to speed. So, here's what we like about our synthetic or plastic grass mat and how our customers use theirs.

A bright alternative to your basic front door mat.

Not only does a synthetic grass mat look more inviting, lending a fresh, lively vibe to your front porch, its blades help to clean off dirt and detritus from the bottom of shoes. 

A catch-all for under your pet's bowl or litter box

Cut to the perfect size, ZestyNest's artificial grass mat fits nicely under your dog's water and food bowl, catching the evidence of their bad dining habits. It also creates a great pad that grabs kitty litter and keeps it from spilling over onto your floor. 

For creative interior design and holiday accessories

By adding holiday decor elements, a fake grass mat makes for a perfect Easter dinner table runner. Load it up with Easter candies and eggs for all to share. 

Indoor golf practice area

Arranged in the pattern of your choice, artificial grass mats make for perfect putting greens when you can't get outside. And honestly, you could take them outside too. 

Anyway you use it, a plastic grass mat is an inexpensive alternative to natural grass. Shop ours at and enjoy free shipping and a temporarily reduced price.