5 Kitchen Superstitions That Lived Through Generations

It is undeniable that we are living in an advanced time but some still believe in kitchen superstitions. We are listing 5 kitchen superstitions that have been immortalized.

1. Garlic has been known to protect from vampires. People have placed garlic on their doors and windows to ward off vampires who might try to sneak into their homes while they are asleep. Some even make garlic necklace and wore them when wandering off at night.

2. Eggs are tied to fertility. Farmers would bring broken eggs to their fields and scatter them in hopes that it would bring an abundant season. Another superstition is that when you crack open an egg and find two yolks, a close friend will have twins.

3. Noodles, in China, symbolizes long life. When eating them, one should not cut the noodle but slurp it up without breaking them. Cutting short a noodle will bring short life.

4. To bring about good health and properity to a newly wed couple, one should toss rice to them.

5. Dropping a silverware will mean that someone will visit. Dropping a fork would mean a woman; a knife would mean a man; and a spoon would mean a child.

Although these superstitions fascinates the mind, we need to remind ourselves that they are just superstitions. It should not control the course of our lives.