Cook Your Own Food

Humans have been cooking for as long as fire was invented/discovered. Cooking has been shown to reduce parasites and bacteria in food. Perhaps there were other reasons why our ancestors started cooking raw meat.

Cook Good Food

Pros of cooking your own food

1. You can ensure that your food is safe and clean.
- You will be assured that your food is safe because you know how it was prepared because you were the one who prepared it in the first place.

2. You can save on money.
- Getting food from restaurants or fast foods means that you are paying more than the price of the food because of the profit margin that companies needs to put on top of their products.

3. You can control the amount of salt and trans fat.
- Restaurants tend to add more salt and fat to their products. This practice will make the food tastier. Now if you are planning on cutting down on sodium/salt, cooking your own food will ensure that you can control the amount of salt added to your food.

4. You can assure that you are taking a balanced meal.
- Lastly, you can plan your meal to ensure that you are taking in a balanced diet. Most often, when dining out, we tend to choose anything that soothes our eyes. By preparing your own food, you will be more conscious on what you take in for your meals.

Regardless of what our ancestors' intentions were in cooking food, cooking has greatly helped humanity to progress. Let us continue in learning and developing this skill so that we may be able to pass it down to future generations.