Cooking - How Long Does It Take?

how long cooking takes

Time can provide a useful estimation of how long something may take to cook. However, it is just a guideline. Whenever you begin making your recipe be aware of time, this is where your five senses come into play.

Paying attention to the sights and sounds of cooking not only makes you more engaged but will develop your instincts. They will help you tell the doneness of food by how the smells, colors, textures and flavors change and if it’s to what you are expecting to achieve. So don’t be afraid to give your meat a little poke and always taste, taste, taste as you go!

Just because a recipe says you need 10 minutes to fry your fish doesn’t mean that’s a golden rule, you should always be checking a few minutes before the suggested time to see how your food is progressing. If your food is burning, then you obviously need some adjustment to temperature and time.

Since we all have different types of cooking equipment, cooking results will vary. Practice is essential and will get you familiar with how your home kitchen works with your tools. Cooking is just another form of playing, so have fun!