History of Table Knives


Throughout history, knives have been used for both as a weapon and a kitchen tool. It is just logical to have one handy tool to kill your food and then use it to cut the meat into your desired pieces/cuts. However, knives did not really look as fashionable as they are today. It is not until the Bourbon Dynasty of France that knives were sort of domesticated and fashioned for table use. Up until that point, knives were made to be very sharp and pointy to serve its other purpose of killing your food.

Now, imagine yourself eating in a table and everyone has a sharp and pointy knives with them. Wouldn't you be alarmed? One wrong escalation and everyone will be able to stab and slice each other.

Table knives of today are fashioned not to look pointy and intimidating. It is fashioned in a way to go along with other utensils. They are made sharp enough to cut through cooked meat and has served its purpose as such.

Without the paranoia of some monarch, we could have been using pointy and sharp knives at the table today.

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