Salt Hacks That You Can Try!

Table salt
  1. No more fishy-smelling hands!

Hands stink of fish, but soap won’t do the trick? Have you tried everything? Rub wet hands with about a tablespoon of salt. Not only will you get a nice exfoliation, but when you rinse off, the stink will be gone. Magic!

  1. Get rid of nasty stains on your coffee cups for good

We all love coffee, but America’s favorite comforting brew can seriously destroy your mugs and cups. Add a single tablespoon of salt to just about ANY type of vinegar to eliminate stains and salvage your favorite doggy mug. 

  1. Never worry about a red wine spill on your carpet again

This works for everything…even red wine. Blot the stain with a damp sponge, then generously pour salt over it. Next, let it set for 8 hours and go on with your life. In the morning, the salt will have sucked up all of the wine. The salt literally draws liquid out of the carpet!

  1. Deoderize those funky-smelling boots!

Woof. Nothing is worse than stinky feet. Sprinkle some salt in your smelliest shoes at night and shake them out in the morning for fresher feet with zero effort.

  1. Overwhelmed by bubbles while doing the dishes? Not anymore!!

A pinch of salt will make them disappear!