Steps For Sharpening Your Kitchen Knife

how to sharpen a dull kitchen knife

Kitchen knives are very useful in your kitchen, that is an undeniable fact. Its sharp blade provides precise meat-cutting for our cooking needs. But what happens if it becomes dull? Do we throw it away? Absolutely not! We sharpen it so we can still use it effectively in the kitchen.

Set up the station

Soak the stones in water for at least 45 minutes, then place the stone on a towel set over a cutting board. Make sure that water is available and that the stone is set lengthwise.

Sharpen the blade at an angle

The knife should be set at the far edge of the stone. Hold the knife with both hands, and apply even pressure. It is important that the knife is set at an 20 degree angle. Begin with the heel set on the stone, and drag the knife slowly towards you. The stroke should finish with the tip of the knife at the bottom of the stone. Silty water should build up on the blade, gradually removing the material off the edge of your knife. When it's time to switch sides, a burr will collect on the other side. It should catch slightly on the thumb. Repeat on the other side.

Clean up the work station

Grind down the stone with a stone fixer to create a new flat surface, and dry the stone.

There you go. You can now use your sharpened knife in the kitchen again!