Why do we love hacks

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Tips and life hacks are all over the internet today.
You can see it on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and other websites.
These hacks ranges from kitchen tips to creating your own mini blender.

Instead of buying new appliances and gadgets, we get to create them
from parts that are lying around your house. By doing this, not only are you able to save some dough, you are able to explore your  ngenuity. You get to practice your "builder" and "inventor" skills, if you have one. You will also be learning a lot of things while doing these
Explore the endless possibilities of hacks. Make it a goal to create hacks to better our lives, not just to show off. It would also be more beneficial if the cost for creating the hack would actually be way lower than the actual apparatus or appliance that it tries to replace. 
Always remember that there is no limit to learning.