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Stainless Steel 12 Inch Magnetic Knife Holder

EASY REACH: Always keep the knives that you need the most within easy reach. Install the rack at a favorable height and distance and never search again for them in places they don't belong!

ALWAYS SHARP: Maintain the premium sharpness of your knives effortlessly! Storing them in drawers means constant contact with other cutlery - damaging your knives. Just place them on a magnetic rack and get rid of that problem once and forever.

ULTRA HYGIENIC: Your most commonly used cutlery must always be safe for your health. The ZestyNest magnetic knife bar promotes air-circulation for fast-drying of your knives, prevents bacterial build-up, and fast rusting.

MAXIMUM CAPACITY: You can store a whole set of new knives. The long 12" magnetic body will make sure that you always have more than enough free space to store your cutlery!

EXTRA STRONG: No matter the size or weight of your professional or plain knife. We can guarantee that our exclusively strong tracks will securely hold them with ease!

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